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Drive growth with the Datamation uIP
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23 Feb 2015

The silos pain - will we see a cure for it in our lifetime?

30 Jan 2015

Which comes first the data or the application?

The Datamation uIP

The Datamation uIP decouples data from the applications that use it, making it possible to create  a LIVE consistent and holistic view of data that it maintains through-life.

The Datamation uIP frees your data from being locked in disparate systems and making it usable for multiple purposes by eliminating the need to continually having to collate, reformat and cleanse data.

Example applications

By making data readily usable, the Datamation uIP delivers value in many industry sectors and application areas. Here are but a few examples:

  1. Supporting major programmes, e.g.  in Aerospace and defence, process, shipbuilding, rail, etc. by maintaining data integrity and currency through-life.

  2. Tailored solutions by transforming the economics of building specialist, and custom solutions.

  3. Delivering economies of scale by helping migrate old and disjointed systems to new platforms.

  4. Secure collaborative environments by seamless sharing of data with customers, suppliers, contractors, partners and other stakeholders.

  5. Open Data, Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data, by dividing data to "manageable pieces".

Based on its long consulting experience, Datamation has developed the  universal Information Platform (uIP) - a through-life data management solution based on a new approach that revolutionises the way software solutions are developed and data is managed.

The Datamation uIP delivers value to companies and organisations from the smallest SME to the largest multinational corporations.

For SMEs

SME Professional, is a packaged “all-in-one” affordable solution that provides extensible and tailorable general purpose data management capabilities that saves them the need to purchase multiple systems that that they can ill afford or need.

For the multinationals

The Datamation uIP helps rationalise and simplify current complex IT environments where data is locked in hundreds, or even thousands of disjoined systems or “silos”. This saves the costs as well as delivering economies of scale.

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