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Drive growth and stay ahead through effective management of your information assets


12 May 2015

Think data sharing not data exchange

23 Feb 2015

The silos pain - will we see a cure for it in our lifetime?

30 Jan 2015

Which comes first the data or the application?


The  universal Information Platform (uIP) - is a through-life data management solution based on a new approach that revolutionises the way software solutions are developed and data is managed.

The Datamation uIP delivers value to companies and organisations from the  largest multinational corporation to the smallest SME.

For the multinationals

The Datamation uIP helps rationalise and simplify current complex IT environments where data is locked in hundreds, or even thousands of disjoined systems or “silos”. This saves the costs as well as delivering economies of scale.

For SMEs

SME Professional, is a packaged “all-in-one” affordable solution that provides general purpose data management capabilities that can be extended and tailored to meet individual customer requirements. This saves SMEs the need to purchase multiple systems that they  ill afford, or need.



The Datamation universal Information Platform (uIP) gives you a unique way of managing your information assets through-life.


“Our data is in silos and failing to get it in a fit state for reporting and analytics is seriously impacting the bottom line.”  More ....

“We’ve acquired other companies with different software systems, and we can’t move forward with one unified set of customer records. Incompatibility is defeating us.”  More ....

“Our software systems are inflexible and are crippling our ability to stay ahead of the game, whilst they are becoming ever more expensive to maintain.”  More ....

"We have major programmes that require us to share information with contractors and partners and we are finding the exchange of data too complex, expensive and unreliable."  More ....

“The Internet of Things (IoT) is coming at us like an express train. Connecting the IoT data with existing systems is causing us major headaches.”  More ....

"We are small company that needs the latest technology to stay ahead of our competition, but are finding software solutions either too complex and unaffordable or too limited for our needs."  More ....

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